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Data Acquiring and Reporting Software

We develop data acquisition system (DAQ) modules that are intensively used in today's instrumentation firms. The DAQ modules are compatible with instrumentation transducers, whi

Smoke Density Measuring Instrument

Our data acquisition systems ASD0329 has been developed for cable industries to analyze and verify the quality of the cable using various parameters like smoke density, absorption


We provide parallel port dongle using microchip microcontroller and ST non-volatile memory with features like programmable 128 digit key for securing high end application software

Weighing Scale

We develop all kind of consumer electronic weighing scales . All scales follow Class II and/or Class III standard of weight and measurement. Class II precision jewelry measuring sc

Weighing Scale Card

We provide Class II(60,000 counts) and Class III(20,000 counts) cards to OEM customers. Class II precision cards has 6,00,000 internal counts for table-tops, platforms and 3,00,00

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