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We have some special crieteria that will help you


As Daq Systems (ASDAQ) provides solutions in cutting edge embedded technology complimented with cost effective products making it a comprehensive embedded solutions provider.


ASDAQ aims at providing complete satisfaction to the clients. ASDAQ strive for excellence and propel to reach the heights of honour. It holds the pride in offering best services to its clients


We are always ready to respond our clients and our clients are very important to us.


We are always here to serve you some awesome services

Smart Energy Meter

We develop high-end energy meters like
(a) Single phase smart energy meter, Three phase smart energy meter

Spot Billing Software

CMRI software is used to send/retrieve data from Multifunctional energy meter and store the data in the CMRI I

BCS Software

BCS software application can be used by state electricity boards to retrieve data from common meter reading in

Electronic Manufacturing Servi

We are providing following services to different OEMs like
a. Through hole pcb assembly
b. SMD pcb ass


We are always here to serve you some awesome products

Data Acquiring and Reporting S

We develop data acquisition system (DAQ) modules that are intensively used in today's instrumentation firms.

Smoke Density Measuring Instru

Our data acquisition systems ASD0329 has been developed for cable industries to analyze and verify the quality


We provide parallel port dongle using microchip microcontroller and ST non-volatile memory with features like

Weighing Scale

We develop all kind of consumer electronic weighing scales . All scales follow Class II and/or Class III stand

Weighing Scale Card

We provide Class II(60,000 counts) and Class III(20,000 counts) cards to OEM customers. Class II precision ca


We offer some awesome features that will help you


Our products include BCS software, DOS based CMRI software, Mobile vehicle tracking system, Luminous intensity measurement system.

Hardware & Software

We develop application specific software in accordance to the client's requirement.


Our every products are very secure and our products are built in the guidance of expert


We have excellent communication for every customer and customers are very important to us.


Organization is supported by technologies which is well equipped with state-of-the-art machineries. A well developed R&D, highly advanced laboratory etc. are the part of our infrastructure.


The company aims at providing complete satisfaction to the clients by adding value through its gamut of products in scientific research and exploration.


We provide embedded design services to OEMs as per their technical and commercial requirements.

At present ASDAQ team is focussing mostly on Energy meters

a. Single and Three phase Smart Energy meters as per IS16444
b. Single and Three phase Prepaid meters as per IS15884 with STS and keypad
c. Single and Three phase 6LowPAN, WiSUN, ZigBee
d. Single and Three phase society meters based MODBUS RTC protocol over RS485 and RF mesh
e. Smoke density test apparatus as per ASTM2843
f. Compression, Tensile and Torsion testing indicators with reporting softwares
Ofcourse ASDAQ would be very much interested to take part any type embedded design exercise.
Renesas, TI, Microchip, Analog Devices, ST, Atmel, Maxim etc.
We provide software consultancy services and R&D support to leading OEMs across India. Our skillset includes Hardware and embedded design on Orcad, C++, C, Java using Bluetooh, WiFi, RF, USB, GSM/GPRS based devices, Mobile Application development iOS/Android, Server Side Language (PHP), LAMP Server, RestAPI.
It depends on requirement and changes from exercises. Usually schematic, bom, hex files and relevant protocols.
Design charges can be discussed as per the requirement.


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