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Smart Energy Meter

We develop high-end energy meters like
(a) Single phase smart energy meter, Three phase smart energy meter as per IS16444 with 3G and/or 6LowPAN

(b) Single phase prepaid energy meter, Three phase prepaid energy meter as per IS15884 and IEC62055[STS]

(c) Single phase multifunctional energy meter, three phase multifunctional energy meter as per IS13779 and IS15959-1

(d) Single phase prepaid energy meter, Three phase prepaid energy meter as per IS13779 and communication on RS485 with MODBUS RTU protocol

The power consumption of these devices meets standards of the Indian SEBs. This device is implemented with features like displaying Active power, Apparent power, Reactive power, Instantaneous voltage, current, power factor, frequency, cumulative maximum demand, tamper events and manufacture id. These devices can communicate with external devices such as Common Meter Reading Instrument, Laptops in accordance to the international standard protocols. These devices can store the load consumption for survey purposes, which is a high-end requirement. These measured parameters are displayed on LCD with backlight (for better visibility). These devices also record the billing parameters for different time zones for TOD billing. These devices are developed with SMT technology can support PLCC, PSTN or GSM based communication facilities for remote monitoring and billing purposes. These devices can be calibrated with isolated infrared interface and follow National and international standards. Prepaid metering is under development.

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